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The breathtaking scenery of Brkini in Slovenia inspires us to remain faithful to the company's 
ATech electronics vision: setting trends in creating environmentally friendly devices.

We are dedicated to developing technological solutions with the lowest possible negative environmental impact. 
Our unwavering commitment includes strict compliance with applicable laws and requirements of local communities, promoting waste  
separation at the source, rational energy usage, and selecting materials and technologies with minimal environmental impact.

On the Road to a Circular Economy


We fully support the EU’s policies on circular economy and its overall objective 
to protect the health of European citizens, wildlife, and the environment.

The circular Product Life Extension business model and inbuilt 
Repairable Design allow us to empower our customers with durable, sustainable & innovative power tools with prolonged service life for the most challenging working conditions. All of them are distinguished by reinforced motor and gear housing and with an extremely powerful motor that enables efficient operation.

And why the cord?  The answer is in its power. Powered by electricity directly plugged into an outlet gives a constant power supply and remains consistent throughout the use, no matter the challenge of the application. And guess what? Corded tools are a great way to avoid challenges faced by battery waste.


Low Total Cost of Ownership ∙ Inbuild Repairable Design ∙ Recycle Economy

We offer various solutions to prolong the service life of power tools
Welcome to discover them below and support our efforts to work & create with the lowest possible negative impact on the environment. 


We designed a unique online shop, an incredible tool-rebuilding resource. Perles spare parts platform offers more than 2.000 spare parts for current and all »out of date« models.

With clickable sketches of all current models, where all the spare parts of specific power tools are indicated, all spare parts of a specific power tool are available for purchase with a couple of clicks.

Meanwhile, detailed illustration showcases with marked spare parts are available for all the older models. Below each interactive graphic is a table with detailed information and a price list.

Maintenance has never been so easy and speedy!   



This year, we are introducing a new Perles edition, Factory Refurbished Tools are meticulously repaired by our experts to function like new. And, of course, they are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to the new ones.

At Perles, we prioritize offering refurbished power tools from reputable sources, providing peace of mind and a satisfying shopping experience.

All of them are 100% working, with a 1-year warranty. 

This kind of purchase has power!


Maybe you still remember your first power tool? The day you got it, the atmosphere in the workshop, telling your friends about your first achievements,….? 

Perles can keep your memories alive by improving tools' longevity. Perles experts have many yeas of experience & knowledge in maintaining and servicing power tools.

Long live power tools!   

Powered by Renewable Energy

There are many ways to care for the planet and maintain a healthy environment. 
One of them is manufacturing without fossil fuels! We have become an electricity user without CO2 since January 2021.

Lasting long-life products ∙ Original patented innovations ∙ Value in your revenue streams ∙ Evolution of our industry

Perles Power Tools for a Sustainable World