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Perles warranty terms & conditions

All Perles power tools (hereinafter: the power tools) have been thoroughly checked and tested in accordance with the Perles Quality Assurance System standards.

The manufacturer assures warranty for the power tools in accordance with the terms and conditions as set forth herein in the form of a free repair of defects in material or manufacturing that is proven to occur within the warranty period. This warranty does not limit the purchaser's rights resulting from the seller's liability for defects arising from the purchase contract and the legal rights of the purchaser.

In addition to all purchaser’s legal rights relating to the purchase of the power tool, the power tool is covered by the warranty in accordance with the following conditions:



The manufacturer and guarantor is the company ATECH elektronika d.o.o., Bač pri Materiji 30, 6242 Materija, Slovenia, registration number: 5433282000 (hereinafter: the manufacturer).



This warranty is valid within the territory of the country in which the seller has its principal place of business. In the event the power tool has been obtained outside this area, please contact your authorised dealer to determine whether a different warranty applies in this particular case.


A standard warranty period of 12 months applies to all new power tools. The warranty becomes valid at the purchase date, evidenced by the date on the original invoice or other proof of purchase.


The manufacturer offers the possibility of an extension of the standard warranty period by an additional 24 months, resulting in a total warranty period of 36 months from the date of the purchase.

To qualify for the warranty period extension, the purchaser needs to register his/her newly-acquired power tool on the manufacturer's website within 30 days of the date of the purchase (listed on the original invoice or other proof or purchase). In addition, the purchaser must give his/her consent to the storage of the required data which must be entered online and he/she must accept these terms and conditions. After successful registration of the power tool, the registration certificate will be sent to the purchaser automatically. Accompanied by the original invoice or other proof of purchase (clearly showing the product ID, serial number and purchase date), the registration certificate will serve as proof of the extended warranty period.

The extended warranty explicitly excludes gears and toothed rings, collectors, brushes, clamping systems (drilling heads, pulses ...), bearings, clutches, saw blades, drills and other accessories and other parts where signs of wear and tear are visible.


All warranty claims must be submitted within the warranty period. The warranty period for the enforcement of warranty, post-warranty or any other claim shall run from the date of purchase of the power tool or when the purchaser collects a repaired or replaced power tool. In the event the power tool is repaired, the warranty period shall run from the moment the purchaser receives the repaired power tool or from the date the invoice for the power tool repair is issued, whichever comes first, provided that the repair is of such nature that the warranty begins to run again for the entire power tool, otherwise the warranty period shall start anew only for that part of the power tool that has been substantially repaired or replaced.


The power tool must be returned, accompanied by the warranty card and original invoice or other proof or purchase (clearly indicating the power tool ID, serial number and purchase date), to the seller or authorised service centre of the manufacturer.

In some countries, your local dealer of power tools will send the power tool to an authorised service centre.

When sending a power tool to an authorised service centre, the power tool must be safely packed without any dangerous contents, marked with sender’s address and accompanied by a description of the fault.


Any replacement or repair under this warranty is free of charge. In accordance with the applicable legislation in some countries delivery charges or postage may apply.

In the event that the purchaser attempts to enforce a warranty for a power tool that does not meet these warranty terms or in case of an apparently unjustified claim, all costs incurred in the course of the repair shall be borne by the purchaser.


Perles reserves the right to repair or replace, at its own discretion, power tools that are returned properly and in compliance with the specific terms of the warranty. Should replacement be necessary, this will be made with an identical model. If replacement is not possible due to discontinuation of the product or other non-availability of the power tool, an equivalent or improved model shall be provided to the purchaser. In the event of repair, the manufacturer will repair the power tool within 45 days of submitting the purchaser's warranty claim, otherwise the power tool will be replaced with a new one. Exchanged parts or power tools become the property of the manufacturer.

The purchaser must collect the repaired or replaced power tool within 7 days from the date when he/she has been prompted to do so in writing. In the event of uncollected goods, the manufacturer or the seller may, without prior notice, invoice the purchaser a penalty for each default day of the power tool’s storage. 

In the event that purchaser does not collect a repaired or replaced power tool within 2 months after a notification from the previous paragraph and provided that the total amount of penalties was not paid, The manufacturer may sell the power tool at the price and purchaser at his own discretion, provided that the customer receives prior written notice in accordance with the applicable regulations.


For the duration of 3 years following the expiration of the warranty period (including the extended warranty period), the manufacturer will continue to provide maintenance for the power tool and its spare parts as a payable service, which will be performed by the manufacturer or by other professionally qualified personnel that have a maintenance contract with the manufacturer.


During the warranty period, all faults in the power tool due to defects in workmanship or materials at the date of purchase are covered by the warranty. The warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement and does not include any other obligations including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages. The warranty expressly excludes (without limitations): Damage to the power tool caused by natural wear and tear. Damage to the power tool caused by acts of nature. Power tools where original identification (trade mark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered or removed. Any power tool that has been tampered with, modified and/or supplemented. Damage to the power tool resulting from: non-observance of the manufacturer's instructions; transport after the power tool was purchased; improper use; overloading of the power tool defects that occur due to improper environmental conditions or impermissible working environments (exposure to water, chemical substances, physical shocks …); connecting the power tool to improper power supply (voltage, frequency …); insufficient maintenance or care; damage caused by use of non-original and/or non-Perles approved or supplied parts and accessories; attempted modifications and/or repair by unauthorised agents or people; Components (parts and accessories) subject to natural and normal wear and tear, including but not limited to, carbon brushes, bearings, power cord, auxiliary handle, transport carry case, etc.