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Wall Chaser

Wall Chaser WSF2360

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Blade profi laser uf13 180x30

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Electricians, plumbers and mechanical installers, what would you say to 2,300W of power?

It will be difficult to believe, but the Perles wall chaser, which is renowned as an extremely powerful and robust machine, is also one of the most lightweight wall chasers available on the market. The cherry on top is embodied by the specially designed innovative system for width adjustment (15–44mm) and depth of cut (3–60mm), which will allow you to cope with the most demanding projects.

To ensure that the precise cutting of channel grooves into reinforced concrete, brick, stone and polyconcrete is no longer a difficult task, we will provide bearings in the guide wheels that enable easier machine guidance, with a cutting line indicator for better control over the cutting point, a rotating attachment for efficient powder suction and the parallel position of the outer wheels that ensure extremely precise cutting along the slat.

Since 1936, Perles tools have been recognised on the market for their powerful motors with above-average efficiency, durability and ergonomics. The wall chaser enables large capacities and quick operation and is supplemented with a diamond cutting disc of the highest quality and a convenient case for easy carrying.