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Impact Drills


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Impact Drill PSB9D 1213 ∙ 1200W ∙ 13 mm

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€250.00 + VAT

Impact Drill PSB9D 1213S ∙ 1200 W ∙ 13 mm

In stock
€270.00 + VAT

Percussion Drill PSB9 1213 ∙ 1200 W ∙ 13 mm

In stock
€215.00 + VAT

Percussion Drill PSB9 1213S ∙ 1200 W ∙ 13 mm

In stock
€225.00 + VAT


Aimed primarily at professional and the most demanding DIY users, the drills feature a quick release spindle lock in case of a keyless chuck; a rubberised handle for a better grip; a soft electronic start; a switch lock button for continuous use; and adjustability of the direction of drilling as well as rotation speed, so that the final speed is tailored to the intended use.

As the Perles impact drill motors are equipped with a rotary brush system, they provide the best commutation in both directions of rotation. This minimises sparking between the brushes and the collector, which ensure long brush life, minimal wear of the collector and above all, a long tool service life. 

Once you become the proud owner of the Perles impact drill, you can be assured that it will serve you for a long time.