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Mixer MG162 ∙ up to 90 L

Discover the professional-grade Mixer MG, engineered for high torque and robust performance. Ideal for mixing up to 90L of concrete, cement screed, façade paints, and more combines safety and efficiency with a splash-resistant, high-powered motor. Equipped with a 2-speed gear, it achieves higher torque while maintaining control with soft grip handles and wide handle distance to prevent user fatigue.

€339.00 + VAT

Mixer MG122 ∙ up to 50 L

Discover unparalleled efficiency with the Mixer MG122, designed for professional use. This robust mixer MG effortlessly tackles up to 50L, making it perfect for a variety of materials from mortar to varnish. 

€259.00 + VAT

Mixer MG120 ∙ up to 40 L

Experience unmatched mixing performance with the Mixer MG120, tailored for professionals who demand precision and efficiency. Lightweight yet powerful, this mixer offers high torque for a medium to strong performance, ideal for mixing up to 40 liters of tiles adhesives, glue grouting, and ready-made mortars.

€219.00 + VAT

Mixer MG110 ∙ up to 30 L

Experience unmatched versatility with the Mixer MG110, designed for effective mixing of paints, glue, epoxy resins, plaster-lime, and more.  This ergonomic mixer provides easy handling and robust performance, with features tailored for light use but substantial impact. It complies with safety standard EN 62841, ensuring a safe and efficient mixing process of up to 30 liters.  

€189.00 + VAT


Concrete, Cement screed, Adhesives, Fasade paints


Tiles adhesives, Grounds, Ready-made Mortars, Glue


Paints, Varnishes, Glue, Epoxy Resins, Ready-made Mortar


Thick Plaster, Mortar, Plaster-lime, Synthetic resin screed

Paddle WK160

Professional paddle designed for high-speed mixing of very dense liquids in a bucket using a bottom-up approach.

Paddle MK140

Professional paddle designed for high-speed mixing light & dusty materials in a bucket with a bottom-up approach.

Paddle WK120

Professional paddle designed for mixing liquid materials in a bucket using a bottom-up approach.

Paddle MK120

Professional paddle designed for mixing liquid & fibrous materials in a bucket using a bottom-up approach.

Poweful motor ∙ Lightweight ∙ Ergonomy ∙ Durability ∙ Safety

Robust Perles mixers can handle a wide variety of cement mixtures, construction adhesives, paints, levelling compounds, finishing and dry mortars, as well as all related mixtures in the construction trade and industry. With them, you will be able to easily mix from 30 to 90 litres of various materials. The Perles R&D team has designed four different models for you, for small-, medium- and large-scale loads, and all of them have the same denominator of significantly higher efficiency or up to 20% savings on working hours.

The three main advantages of the Perles mixers are efficiency, economy and ergonomic design

Thanks to the perfect shape, the right combination of power and torque, you will be able to do more in less time. Your productivity could increase by up to 70%. In addition, all mixers allow comfortable tool handling, which means that mixing will be done more easily, in a natural upright position, as well as faster and with less risk of injury. In our eighty-five years of operation, we have contributed many innovations to the power tool industry, including acting as pioneers in the development of portable mixers that have also received the iF Design Award.