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SET Circular saw KS51 + Dust extractor S1430M Back

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SET Circular saw KS51 + Dust extractor S1430M
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€499.00 + VAT


Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Introducing our Professional Wet & Dry Class M auto-start vacuum extractor, meticulously engineered to prioritize safety, optimize efficiency, and enhance convenience. It's the perfect solution for effortlessly handling larger or intricate projects.

Equipped with a robust power take-off mechanism, this extractor delivers a high connection power of 2300W, ensuring seamless compatibility with various machines.

Pair it with our Perles Circular Saw KS51, specifically crafted for swift longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood, gypsum boards, plastics, and soft metals.

Featuring an ergonomic design, the KS51 circular saw offers numerous benefits that facilitate optimal tool operation. The sturdy aluminum guide plate ensures precise guidance, while the integrated suction connection with an opening is designed for clear cutting, allowing you to work with ease and precision.

Find out more about the Circular Saw KS51 and Wet & Dry M-Class Extractor S1430M

Circular saw KS51

Rated Power 1,200 W
Cable EU
Weight 3.4, 7.5 kg
Saw blade bore Ø 20 mm
No load speed 500 rpm
Cutting depth (45°) 34 mm
Cutting depth (90°) 41 mm
Bevel depth 90-45°
Saw blade 153 Ø mm
Saw blade Ø min 142 mm
Saw blade Ø max 153 mm

Dust extractor S1430M

Input power 1,400 W
The maximum load connected to the socket 2,300 W
Dust category M
Voltage 240 V
Bag volume 24.5 L
Container capacity (dry) 30 L
Container capacity (wet) 16 L
Vacuum pressure 270 mbar
Airflow 4200 L/min
Protective class IPX4