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Die Grinders

Die Grinder HSG18 RE ∙ 800 W ∙ 6 mm

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€219.00 + VAT

Die Grinder HSG18 ∙ 500 W ∙ 6 mm

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€189.00 + VAT


To turn: “ It’s out of reach, it’s always the same story...”, into something else, we offer the Perles die grinders. Using Perles die grinders, cleaning welds, making dies, sharpening milling cutters, polishing jewellery and removing coatings will no longer be so frustrating. 

When designing tools, we took into account the challenges that you face on a daily basis during toolmaking and machining, as well as car mechanic, foundry and welding works. We have designed four different models that will help you with demanding tasks in difficult-to-reach places, for polishing, sharpening and grinding metal and stone. For projects with different materials, a die grinder with built-in electronic speed control (HSG 18RE) is available, while for work where users are exposed to moisture and electric shock hazards, we recommend choosing a model from the low-voltage tool line. 

The Perles die grinders are durable. They are fitted with a special plastic clutch that absorbs shocks and thus reduces tool wear. The internal labyrinth protects the bearing against the ingress of dust and debris. All four models of die grinders are lightweight and with a properly positioned centre of gravity, which means more effortless work.