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Crown Drills

Diamond Core Drill STARK ∙ 1600 W

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€520.00 + VAT

Crown Drill B9D12 ∙1200 W

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€480.00 + VAT


The Perles crown drill is a success story in terms of drilling with diamond bits. It enables the extremely fast and accurate dry drilling of concrete, sand-lime, brick and tiles, up to 162mm. Plumbers, central and air conditioning system installers will be positively surprised by the ergonomic rubberised anti-vibration side grip, the continuous operation lock button and the soft electronic start. 

With the Perles crown drill, your drilling will be efficient. With the electronic switch with a button for adjusting the speed of the crown drill, you will be able to cope with a wide variety of materials with different drilling diameters, while the patented safety overload coupling with rotating balls will provide safety.

If you decide on a Perles crown drill, know that it will accompany you for a long time to come. Durability and top quality are our commitments in realising the mission of sustainable brand orientation.