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Angle Polisher

Angle Polisher KP316I

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Polishing Pad 150X50 blue

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What do craftsmen in the automotive, metalworking, timber and shipbuilding industries have in common? While some of them have to overcome the challenges of polishing varnish or plastics, others have to polish metals in order to achieve a high gloss or brush wood to give it that “aged” look. 

For those of you facing challenging working conditions on a daily basis, we have developed a unique angle polisher that can master all these tasks, and is also suitable for water-based varnishes, rough grinding, and rust removal. So why choose a Perles angle polisher

First and foremost, it is simple to work with, without getting tired too quickly, due to a well-thought-out ergonomic design of this beast. Secondly, the geared part of the tool body is made of highly durable plastic, which further serves as a spacer for polishing hard-to-reach areas. Thirdly, the machine starts gradually, which means there are no jolts when starting up the tool enabling easier application of polishing paste. Moreover, the milled steel gears enable silent operation and long service life, while in addition, the integrated control electronics provide continuous speed adjustability for a wide range of applications. 

You will probably agree that creating a new value is a driving force of success. And if getting more work done in less time is high on your list of priorities, you are invited to increase your productivity with the Perles angle polisher.