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Industrial Drills


Industrial Drill PB1232 ∙ 1150 W ∙ MK3

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Many users in industry and construction are faced with the challenge of drilling larger diameter holes into metallic materials and wood. Especially for you, we have designed two surprisingly light industrial drill models considering their performance (1,150W). 

Due to the efficient drilling, you will also be able to ignore any failsafe problems during work, as we have fitted all our industrial drills with an anti-load safety coupling that will protect both you and the tool from damage. In addition to the two mechanical speeds, we added tool clamps with Morse tapers (MK2 and MK3) to the industrial drill and attached a clamping mandrel for attaching the drill head, while the shape of the tool itself is specially adapted to the use of an industrial drill in a stand. 

During our eighty-five years of operation, we have introduced many innovations to the power tool industry that boost productivity and accelerate your business – this is our more than eighty-year mission.